ICTSA Programming Competition

Terms & Conditions

1. The competition will start on Friday 2nd March 2012, and finish on Sunday 4th March 2012.

2. All information pertaining to the Programming Challenge can be found on the following website: http://programming.ictsamalta.org/

3. Teams can be composed of not more than 4 people.

4. Teams can fall into one of two categories:

Student teams: Teams consisting only of students studying at any educational institution fall under this category.

Industry teams: A team consisting of employees from a single company. Such teams will fall under the Industry category. A Team made up of full-time employees and students shall fall under the industry category and not be eligible for the Prize Money.

5. Teams have to register on the competition website and pay the participation fee of 20 euros by 29th February 2012.

6. The task will be made available on the website on Friday 2nd March 2012 at 8pm Standard Zeus Time

7. Clear criteria upon which the entries will be judged shall also be published on the website on 2nd March 2012 at 8pm Standard Zeus Time. The criteria will have no subjective element, and will simply be based on the quantiable performance (eg quality of results, speed of calculation of results, etc) of the program

8. Registered teams can submit their solutions on the website, and must be posted before 8pm Standard Zeus Time of Sunday 4th March 2012.

9. If a team has any questions regarding the assigned problem during the competition, they may ask them on the designated Google group which can be accessed through the competition website. Only questions posted to the group will be answered.

10. If a team has to ask any non-task questions, they may be sent by email to info@ictsamalta.org.

11. All submitted solutions are to be in the form of a zip file with (i) a text identifying the team and any special notes/instructions; (ii) an executable and (iii) any other necessary files. The program and additional files must reside in a single directory. No source files,installation packages, or programs which require absolute paths will be accepted. All programs will be run on a Pentium PC running Windows with the latest version of the .NET framework and Java Virtual Machine, to enable fair execution time comparison if required. This does not preclude executables produced from programs written in any other language. Any submissions not in this format will be automatically disqualified.

12. There are two categories of teams, with separate prizes:

Student teams: A First Prize of 250 euros and a Second Prize of 150 euros will be awarded to the best two submissions (from teams in this category) as judged according to the published criteria.

Industry teams: The winning entry in this category as judged according to the published criteria will be awarded an appropriately inscribed trophy.

13. The winners will be announced on 9th March 2012 in an awards giving ceremony where winners will receive their prize and all participants will receive a certificate of participation.

14. The competition shall be judged by 3 members of staff from the Faculty of ICT and shall in no way be influenced by ICTSA.

15. The decision of the judges is final.

16. ICTSA reserves the right to publish the names of anyone participating in the competition. No personal information, such as email or contact number, however, will be published.

17. All references to time in these rules are in Standard Zeus Time the time as set on the zeus machine of the Computer Science department at the University of Malta and shown on the competition website.